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Game News: Play Friday For The Week Of Feb. 14, 2014

Game News: Play Friday for the Week of Feb. 14, 2014

(Topics – Wii U indie games, True Detective, Feb games, and weird couples on games )

Welcome back to Play Friday – Game News for the week of Feb. 14th, 2014

Topic 1 -TV recap

We were blown away (like everyone else) by True Detective’s 6 minute final sequence.  TV is good right now.

Topic 2 – Games for Feb

We’re struggling to find anything worth playing this month but we’re happy for Castlevania and Thief – really all just noise until Dark Souls 2

Topic 3 – Wii U Nintendo new classic lineup

Nintendo is marketing the hell outta the Wii U and is now shoveling out even more classic games for its virtual console.  Will this do the trick?

Topic 4 – Flappy Bird

What the hell is going on with this game?  Why do people care about this?  We try to figure it out.

Final Topic – Weird couples in games

In time for Valentine’s Day, we discuss more weird romance from games.  What did we not think about?  Let us know!

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