Our Favorite Easter Eggs in Recent Games

Easter, one of our favorite holidays, is just around the corner.  In celebration of the holiday, we wanted to discuss some of our favorite Easter eggs in some of the most recent games to come out.  Here’s four of our favorite Easter Eggs in recent games:

The Secret Orc in Mordor

Shadow of Mordor has a lot of fascinating orcs with highly descriptive titles ("the Cannibal," "the Dung Collector").  One of the most interesting orcs you can encounter is Gary the Romantically Conflicted.  We first noted him when we heard his unusual cry: “Ranger, we should hang out after this, just as friends.”  You can usually spot his battle cries: “Why aren’t you returning my texts?” and “I’ll always be there for you as a friend or whatever.”  Whereas the game encourages you to disrupt the other orc captains' feasts and events, you can actually hurt Gary more by not attending these events.  We once spied on an execution Gary was holding and watched him ask each orc there whether they thought the Ranger would show up.  He then loudly announced that he didn’t care if the Ranger came or not, he was just going to have fun tonight (though later you can find him sobbing by himself in the corner).  Anyway, if you can tolerate the persistent messages he sends (“You up?” and “Wouldn’t it be crazy if we made out?”), he is a fascinating orc to face.

Finding Trevor Noah in Grand Theft Auto

Before he appeared on the Daily Show, comedian Trevor Noah appeared in Grand Theft Auto 5, though he is a little difficult to find (look for him near a dumpster behind InterGlobal Studios).  If you can locate him, he provides some brief, mildly amusing but largely pointless sidequests for you to complete.  While completionists will be motivated to take on these quests, remember that you do have to listen to his good-natured but largely unfunny jokes delivered in a nervous stammer and followed by a long, uncomfortable silence.  After a couple of these quests, you’ll wonder why anyone would think people would want to spend a great deal of time with this character.  Most frustrating, once you complete his quests, he sends you a series of mildly offensive and utterly unfunny tweets about running over kids with his car and how fat girls annoy him.

Activating the Other Ghost in Destiny

While most people were critical of Peter Dinklage’s performance in Destiny, many do not realize that Peter Dinklage was a last minute replacement for another actor who originally voiced Ghost, fellow Game of Thrones actor Charles Dance.  If you can find a remote cave on Mars in the lower corner of the map, you can activate his ghost and listen to his recorded dialogue during the campaign.  Unfortunately, while Dance is a formidable actor, he was clearly not impressed with the script, and he frequently stops mid-sentence to question the quality of the script writing.  Portions of dialogue are replaced with statements like “I’m not reading this” and “are you seriously using this?”  There are longer sections where he remains silent though you can occasionally hear him snorting derisively and muttering profanity.  For one full cutscene, his dialogue consists entirely of him arguing with his agent over the phone. By the end of the game, you'll find a new appreciation for Dinklage's performance.

The Hidden Level in The Order: 1886

While quests in The Order take you all over London, there is one hidden level found deep in a warehouse in the East India Trading Company.  If you find a secret passage behind a crate, you can follow it straight to this ballroom which appears to be homage to Downton Abbey.  As you entire the main hall, nameless enemies start streaming in from the fair side of the room which is unfortunate as this was the dinner in which Matthew Crawley was finally going to propose to Lady Mary.  The NPCs quickly run out of the room screaming things like “This is a sad day for Downton” and “Poor Edith” as you fight wave after wave after wave of identical, indiscriminate adversaries.  The fight takes the better part of an hour, but don’t worry if you run out of ammo, the Dowager Countess has your back (with quotes like “one must not go to pieces over the death of every foreigner” and “don’t be defeatist, that’s very middle class”).