The Week End Game Recap for March 7th, 2015

Mr. Game here to bring you all of the gaming news worth your time for the past week.

Monument Valley got some unexpected attention this past week as it was featured in the Netflix acclaimed third season of House of Cards that just released.  Kevin Spacey’s Frank Underwood has always been somewhat of a closeted gamer on the show but the inclusion of this stellar indie title mentioned so prominently in this popular series is certainly welcome after so much game shaming in other shows or in the news or politics.

Coincidentally Monument Valley also got some praise this week winning big at the Game Developers Choice Awards this week along with the other sleeper hit from last year, Shadow of Mordor.  Honestly these are incredible titles and absolutely deserve the accolades they receive.  The awards show coincides with the Game Developers Conference which also happened this past week in San Francisco and unfortunately most of the news cycles dedicated to that show were focused on Tim Schafer’s bad joke.

We were thrilled to see Kotaku get the scoop on Valve’s virtual reality testing that seemed to show off their Source 2.0 engine and, perhaps, suggest a new Portal on the horizon.  Valve getting into the VR game alone is newsworthy.  Also eager game developers should be pleased to hear that Unreal, Unity, and Source 2 are now all free to get you started.

Regarding games, well Helldivers dropped on the PS4 and PS3 this past week promising intense couch coop twin-stick shooters and really it’s been so long since Smash TV and Total Carnage that we’re okay with this.  Capcom got peer pressured into adding local coop into their latest Resident Evil entry after a clever modder did it on his own.  And someone, somehow, some way managed to solve the PT-esque clues of Five Nights at Freddy’s 3 to finally beat the series.

Did we miss anything else?  Let us know in the comments below!