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Mad Max Has The Worst Ending Ever

Mad Max Has the Worst Ending Ever

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  • Gilles Donogal

    I think the ending is like the whole game : a rough draft.

    It is beautiful, and fun, but you have plenty of missing things or mistake.

    The IA suck, once I seen both car trying the reach the road through a bridge, by under…

    the maps inside… They are missing.

    Or the blood on his face, he never cleans until you leave and comeback…

    And the woman and her daughter, wtf ? Scrotus killing the child could been understanding, but the mother ? She is a concubine, she is a property.

  • Justin Leo

    [SPOILERS] I agree it is really sad to see him go like that, and yes, it is depressing, but the whole Mad Max franchise is meant to be depressing. Look at the ending of the first movie. Max has his wife and baby son ran over by a psycho on a motor cycle, his best friend incinerated, and barely survives himself. The whole franchise is supposed to be sad.

  • The Irredeemable Raven

    I think what was more disturbing for me was seeing Chumbucket alive on the back of the Magnus Opus after he was killed and the car was destroyed. It was like, put me through that trauma and now expect me to pretend it never happened. But, seriously though, Chum should have just got off the hood of the car, lol.

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