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Just a quick note about our ratings system…

When reviewing a game, it’s important to provide a rating system to neatly summarize the best and worst aspects of the game. These systems are inherently imperfect, but we strive to deliver the best system we can. Our focus is on cooperative gameplay, so when games have cooperative modes, that is the focus of our rating (though we’ll also review games that are not cooperative). Here’s our criteria:

GRAPHICS: Graphics aren’t everything (hello, Monaco, What’s Yours is Mine) but they are important and great graphics make any gameplay experience more enjoyable.

GAMEPLAY: Gameplay is the nuts and bolts of the experience. Here’s where we’ll discuss whether gameplay is innovative or repetitive, engaging and fun or a tough slog.

REPLAYABILITY: We also think it’s important to identify whether you’ll be replaying this title a lot. Even if the game is great, replayability tells us whether we need to own this or get it through Redbox or Gamefly.

90-100: Must have, must own. Great gameplay, graphics and replayability (Halo, Left for Dead).
80-90: Must play, maybe own. Fun gameplay, and an experience you’ll want to have, perhaps not highly replayable (Saints Row 2-4).
70-80: Fun but not essential, maybe some graphic issues or replayability concerns. Play these but they aren’t a priority (most of the Lego adventures).
60-70: Not great. Some may find fun here, but there’s issues that should be considered.

Anything below that, well, buyer beware. You may want to consider making a drinking game based on the number of times the game freezes or the ridiculous fetch or escort quests it sends you on because otherwise there’s likely no reason to spend your time and money.

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