The Game Miser – Episode 1: Charlie Murder (XBLA)

Welcome to our first very edition of the Game Miser.  So what is the Game Miser?  Well, really, he lives in anyone who would be reading this.  Are you tracking the daily Steam summer sales - and if not what the hell is wrong with you!? Do you find excuses to stop by a used game store just IN CASE there’s some esoteric game you never beat that may be on sale for pennies (where are you Enclave?)?  That’s the Game Miser taking over.  Don’t worry – we get it, you’re exactly like every other gamer and we at the Dojo are thrilled to try to appease the Miser with our humble referrals.

These are cheap discounts, budget games, or free experiences you need to try!


Episode 1: Charlie Murder

First thing’s first, by the time this is posted, you’ve got roughly 24 hours left to get this game for free on Xbox Live Arcade in the Games for Gold program for June.  GO DOWNLOAD IT NOW!

Charlie Murder plays like a modern day River City Ransom with a Scott Pilgrim story - only unlike the Scott Pilgrim game, Charlie Murder is actually fun to play.  This is doubly true thanks to the inviting coop mode which allows up to 4 players (online or local) to smash their way through the lengthy campaign.

The game was made by Ska Studios which is apparently a grand total of 3 people.  Xbox owners may know of them from the similarly styled-The Dishwasher series or the free game I MAED A GAM3 W1TH ZOMB1ES 1N IT!!!1.  If you’re interested, you should check out their site – just don’t hold the volume of included cat photos against them – why does everyone do this?

Knowing this game came from a handful of people makes this even more impressive to us.  Seriously, this game has great music, it’s a blast to play thanks to surprising depth in character abilities and powerups you can find, and the macabre art style and dark humor make this compelling to beat – we really enjoyed the ghost children that make you kill yourself if you happen to bump into them.

For the Game Miser in all of us, this one would be worth $5-10 of your hard earned money in any situation but for free this month it’s a no brainer.  Download it now, enjoy a boozy July 4th holiday, then treat yourself to a 7-Eleven slurpee on Friday, July 11th (they’re free on the anniversary of 7-Eleven… July 11th, get it?), and power through Charlie Murder that weekend.  That’s guaranteed to please even the stingiest miser in anyone.

See you next time.