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Six Scary Games For This Halloween (2017)

Six Scary Games for this Halloween (2017)

We’re only a few short weeks away from Halloween and as much as it will be to count the Pennywise or Wonder Woman costumes we’ll see this year, we also want to enjoy Halloween with some great scary games.  Every year we try to bring you the cream of the crop of recently release games so here now are Six Great Scary Games for Halloween (that were released in 2017).

Stories Untold

Borne out of a Ludum Dare competition focused on “ancient technologies,” Stories Untold presents a novel twist on the all but forgotten text based adventure game.  As you play a series of old school titles on a CRT computer monitor, you start to realize the actions of your games are affecting the world around you, including just what else is in the house with you.  We want to avoid too many spoilers because this mashup of Pony Island and the film VHS is clever enough to try without knowing what’s happening.

Add in a Tombstone pizza and several empty DP cans and this was every Friday night for me growing up

Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice

Hellblade was a stunning surprise this year.  Ninja Theory’s impressive sanity-questioning journey  of a young woman defying the gods to revive her lost love after he’s brutally executed by a rival tribe is both compelling and, due to outstanding visuals and audio, captivating throughout.  There are a number of terrifying elements in the game as Senua loses her grasp of reality and is haunted and, at times, hunted by her visions.  The rendition of hell’s landscape comprised of twisting and mutilated bodies is unforgettable but our favorite scary moment is the promise the game offers in the opening act that too many deaths will result in a wipe of your game and save files.  We don’t want to spoil anymore than that because the is worth it.

We’re not quite sure what was real or not, but it was all scary and ridiculously impressive throughout

Outlast 2

The original Outlast came out at a fantastic moment in time as gamers looked for titles to justify the investment in the PS4 and the visually impressive horrors of asylum didn’t disappoint.  Outlast 2 opens up from the confines of the corridors of the hospital to cornfields and infected community as you crash land in the midst of a cult standoff between the farming crazies and even crazier cave dwellers.  The scares are not as potent as they once were in the original but the game is solid throughout and the final chapter is pure lunacy worth seeing yourself.

Yeah, this is tame compared to how weird the last act gets

We Were Here

We’re embarrassed we let this one slip by for so long.  Not only is this game a quality horror experience, it’s specifically designed for coop and it’s completely free.  You and a buddy are locked in different parts of an abandoned castle and have to solve puzzles on your own relying on clues your partner can find in his/her section. It’s basically a digital escape room.  Did we already mention it’s free.

Not exactly a graphics powerhouse but the novelty of coop horror gaming is worth your time. Especially at that price point!

Little Nightmares

We got to review this brief but memorable horror game back in August.  You play as Six, a mysterious small creature onboard a vessel of creepy people with an unknown destination.  Your defenseless against the nightmarish humans that go about their routines until they sense your presence; at which point they are single-minded about murdering you.  Overall it is a fascinating and haunting game cut short frankly from its brevity.  You can easily knock this out in one or two sittings and you should consider it for this Halloween.

Looks like my last trip to Western Sizzlin! *ba-dum-tshh* Thank you, I’ll be here all night.


Resident Evil 7

In case you missed this at the start of the year, now is your chance.  RE7 is the first great Resident Evil game since the outstanding RE4.  Your quest to rescue your long missing wife pits you against a family of four on their dilipidated farm who make up your primary antagonists (plus the molded bullet sponge enemies that serve to break up the basic adventure as you search the house for keys or ammo).  Smartly Capcom divides the game into sections as your early encounters with Jack seem oddly familiar to The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, then your encounters with Margueritte are more monstrous and haunting pursuing, and finally son Lucas challenges you to Saw-like games of survival.  Also the flip to first person is welcome for RE and honestly they should never go back.  It was the first great game of the year and our top choice for scary games to check out for Halloween.

The game is great, but the confrontations with Jack and Marguerite are easily the highlights

What other games should you try this Halloween?  Let us know in the comments below!

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