13 Days of Halloween Games – Day 7: Flash Frozen

Game Miser, back again with another free indie game scary game you should check out this Halloween season.  Today's game: Flash Frozen

It’s hard to find a horror game that isn’t basically a Slender clone; another game where you’re navigating in the dark or surreal aware that you’re being pursued by some Lovecraftian demon always on your heels.  It’s always a bit exciting to find a game that tries to be different.  Flash Frozen is such a game that actually offers a novel experience, an interesting story, and some well done visual flair (especially during those chase sequences) that make it stand out from most of the other indie games.

You awake in the belly of crashed ship with no sign of life anywhere save for the ice that seems to be quickly taking over the environment.  Who are you?  Why is this ship not moving?  Where is everyone else?  The story is there for you to discover as you make your way out.

We feel guilty complaining about anything as the game is free, but the developers bit off more than they could chew with the some of the design elements and the engine just can’t keep up so we hit some major performance hiccups towards the finale.  Also, the game does end a bit early for our tastes but perhaps it’s good it doesn’t overstay its welcome.  Honestly the game almost feels like a full fledge title which is compliment to the dev team behind this free game.

So go ahead, give this a shot.  Turn off the lights, turn up the sound, and tell us you don’t start to feel a bit colder as you try to escape this ship. 

Play the game here

Tune in tomorrow for our next pick!