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Didn’t Ducktales Used To Go On Adventures? (Podcast)

Didn’t Ducktales Used to Go On Adventures? (Podcast)

This week, we’re challenging the new Ducktales.  We hate to look a gift horse in the mouth, but the surprisingly impressive return of Ducktales has one major flaw that’s really bothering us — they’re just not going anywhere.  There’s an incredibly cast here and tons of promise, but no momentum.  Let us know what you think about the new Ducktales in the comments below!


  • Cassandra Atticum

    Frank Angones has said that Disney XD is airing the episodes out of order. Read his Twitter feed. He says what the episode order is supposed to be. He’s not happy.

  • Cassandra Atticum

    Frank Angones also said “Of the remaining 19 episodes of #DuckTales S1, Scrooge features in 18.” “Big ensembles require shifting focus & not everyone appears in every ep. Unfortunately, 3 of our 4 eps w/out him aired in close succession.”

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